Updating internet explorer for mac

Sometimes it’s just easier to standardize on one browser type and require visitors to conform.

And if you’re going to do that, you go for the browser that has the largest market share, which means that Internet Explorer (running on Windows) is going to win out. On a Mac, this means Safari won’t let you into those sites and you’ll get a messages similar to above.

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When you visit this site from Safari on a Mac, or Mobile Safari on an i Phone or i Pad, you get a message that says “your Internet browser is not compatible with this site.” It’s hard to tell how common this is, but it’s extremely frustrating when you run your practice from a Mac.

I see it commonly on sites from government-type agencies (e.g.

His specific example was the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation at

He regularly visited the site to access claim documents for clients, which were usually PDF files.

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