Queer fat femme dating

Moreover, I love food, so loving me means cooking with me (or for me if you’d like).(AS) To be honest, I don’t employ love specifically around my black fat body.I value my body, I protect my body, I adorn my body, and I will fuck anyone up to defend my humanity.

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I would definitely say that understanding that our bodies and experiences are different is key.

And if you take me somewhere where there’s chairs with arms, or booths that aren’t adjustable, I’m probably never hanging out with you again.(TM) Work on your socialized (often internalized) fatphobia and anti-Blackness.

I have things to contribute to our struggle for freedom, and loving myself is key to doing the double duty of fighting fat phobia and anti-Blackness- inside and outside of our communities.(AB) The liberation of the body is perhaps at the core of what liberation can look like.

We often think about this in terms of queer, trans, femme, and incarcerated bodies, though I think we often neglect that fat bodies are under immense societal pressure as well.

To ponder further, I’ve gather some of my most brilliant BFFs (Black fat friends). Loving me is to constantly deconstruct what you think fat means.

My BFFs: Ashleigh Shackelford (AS)- Black queer, nonbinary, fat femme writer, artist, and cultural producer- ashleighshackelford.com- @ashleighthelion Treese Mc Coy (TM)- Creator of Rhed I LLC- @Dr Mc Coyis INAnthony Boynton (AB)- Creator of the #444Syllabus- @ADBoynton II(AB) Loving my fat black body means to take me as I am. It means being emotionally available to me, like you would with anyone else.

I want to know the big and small details- like you grew up in Indiana and you love sci-fi movies.

I generally make heart connections with people, and knowing them intimately helps sustain that.

Our collective liberation is linked to how we provide resources and space for bodies across identities to exist in public space.(AS) I wouldn’t say loving my Black fat body is connected to our collective liberation as much as humanizing my Black fat body is.

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