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They had hit it off, Fitzgerald thought, but he was still surprised when the phone rang years later and he picked it up to hear Mel's low Aussie burr in his ear, telling him he was planning to direct a movie about the death of Jesus Christ and that he wanted to talk to Fitzgerald about writing it.

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The series is a continuation of its predecessor, taking up soon after Justice League ended.

It features a greatly expanded League, in which the characters from the original series—now referred to as "founding members"—are joined by a large number of other superheroes from the DC Universe; in the first episode, well over 50 characters appear.

He had just written a blockbuster, but it was so controversial that it didn't exactly lead to a flood of new Hollywood writing gigs. Gibson had paid him $100,000 to write the script and also advanced him a $75,000 production bonus prior to the beginning of the shoot. Most think it refers to the conception of Jesus Christ inside his mother's womb.

He did receive additional payments when the film hit theaters and went to DVD and cable, but they were smaller than he'd imagined, in part because the contract Fitzgerald signed denied him the standard Writers Guild of America pay scale, since he was residing outside of America when he signed it. After all, his mother was allegedly a virgin, and virgins are symbols of purity, and to describe something as pure is just another way of saying it is immaculate.

And he could tell you how his family's sometime babysitter, who happened to be the author Flannery O'Connor, memorialized the incident with one of her perfect phrases, describing Benedict clambering out the car window smiling, "looking like Lindbergh." He could tell you how when he was nineteen, he took his junior year off from Harvard and apprenticed himself to Marcel Marceau in Paris, then parlayed his pantomime skills into a gig as an occupational therapist at an insane asylum, teaching the fundamentals of mime to lunatics.

And he could tell you how one afternoon, a giant Danish psychopath skipped up to him after class, beaming, then darted his hands around his neck and didn't stop squeezing until the orderlies pried him off.

The day on a soundstage in Rome when Fitzgerald watched the crew film Gibson's hands in close-up as he used a hammer to drive a spike through Jesus' palm, an impromptu and uncredited cameo that the director explained he'd done because "there are two parts of me." The sheer exhilarating camaraderie of it all. The Passion of the Christ began making headlines even before its release, when its leaked script was denounced by the Anti-Defamation League for perceived anti-Semitism, but the controversy didn't keep viewers out of theaters.

The feeling that he was in the game again, working with top talent, on a story that mattered. It opened wide in February of 2004 and eventually took in more than 0 million and became the most profitable independent film of all time. Fitzgerald's agent had been totally wrong about the film's potential. In the wake of The Passion of the Christ, Fitzgerald found himself in an unusual position. There is a common misconception about the Immaculate Conception.

A number of these were heroes who had made guest appearances in Justice League, Batman: The Animated Series, and Superman: The Animated Series, but many heroes and other characters made their first animated appearances in this series.

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