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Disc 1 Special features2 never before seen gap Year Adventures - 'hamish as Alphonso 'Alf' Stewart and Hamish and Andy at Your Service extended 'Mister Needs A Sister' - The dating show hamish created for Andy as his ultimate wingman!

11 celebrity couples that must never, ever, ever split up.

IT' S the bromance that resulted in the most successful radio show in Australian history, but how did it all begin? "I just left my hand up and I said, ' I'd love a chance to address the classroom.' So I went up and I made a speech to the whole class and him about, 'if I was here, I would be more distracting and for the good of everyone here, I think you're all going to do better, come this exam, because of my absence.' And then I said, 'with that in mind, I think I should probably get 10 [attendance points], but I'll leave it with you'." Not only did the speech work and Andy received all 10 attendance points, but it also impressed one of his classmates who approached him after the tutorial. and said, ' Hey, you're a lot like my friend Hamish'," Andy said.

“Bec hated that I left an email address [and not a phone number],” he said.

But ever since she emailed him, presumably asking for the tip he didn’t leave, they’ve been more loved up than Kimye.

Most people think Hamish Blake helped his friend and fellow hilarious guy Andy Lee, 34, get together with his girlfriend, 24-year-old model/student Rebecca Harding.

After all, the radio co-hosts are so close, they couldn’t possibly have separate lives, right? In true Hamish style, he grilled Andy on their 2Day FM radio show and forced him to tell the hundreds of thousands of listeners how he actually met Rebecca. “I had like an hour and a half breakfast and you know I don’t really like that because I like getting in and out in food situations.” Every time Rebecca came around to his table to check on his order, Andy says he tried to drum up the courage to ask her out. When asked what it said, Andy joked, “Show us your boobs.” Interestingly, strangely, Andy left his email address, not his number. Even though Rebecca hated that she didn’t get a number.DISC 1Weeks 1-5 of Gap year saw Hamish and Andy go bare handed fishing, "remind" Hilary Clinton that she promised them a BBQ, win the Mr New York Sate Bodybuilding Competition, and introduce us to the 'Ultimate Wingman'.DISC 2Weeks 6-10 saw the boys compete in a Combine Harvester Demolition Derby, attempt to gain admission into the exclusive Magic castle and competitively 'Race' each other in sports like 'Mates racing', Stranger Racing and the epic 'Sleep racing'.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.Apparently leaving your email address is better than leaving a tip.Listen to the full interview from Game Changers: Radio, a joint production from Craig Bruce Coaching and Bad Producer Productions.

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