Dating with down syndrome

Iceland aborts about 98% of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome and averages under 2 babies born with Down’s a year.

CBS recently featured Iceland as “the country where Down syndrome is disappearing,” and lauded how they have “virtually eliminate[d] Down syndrome.” Many pro-life groups quickly shot back that Iceland was boasting of no medical advance to accompany that statistic, only a death option. Mancini wrote an op-ed that was picked up by the Washington Post.

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“Because, it’s where I Peter Singer, say so.” Peter Singer, in fact, argues for killing babies born with such conditions.

Once objective morality is gone, essentially might make right.

Newman set up a Facebook page for her sister and brother-in-law, and their love story has earned them thousands of fans all over the world.

The couple live independently in Essex with Maryanne’s mother living next door and her sister and her family just a few houses down.

But not everyone was onboard with the couple’s decision to wed two decades ago.

Newman says her mother received a lot of “flak” at the time for letting them get married. And 22 years later, Tommy, 59, and Maryanne, 45, say their relationship is stronger than ever.

Autism is estimated to be 60-90% genetic but doesn’t have a single genetic marker.

Currently, the DNA of 50,000 autistic individuals and their families are being compiled in a single study.

Sure, a philosopher can argue it is based on the amount of happiness a person can provide or receive, or based on the fact they have certain capabilities, but both of these ultimately come down to “Because I say so.” How do you compare happiness and how can we know another’s true happiness now yet alone years down the line?

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